Acid-free product range

Acid-free range

The products from this range fully comply with the strict quality requirements of the ICN (Instituut Collectie Nederland, which merged with the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed of the Ministry of Education in 2011). This goes further than simply creating an acid-free product. The ICN quality requirements with regard to the proper preservation of archive documents also refer to the acidity, quality and physical properties. The manufacturer supplying municipalities with acid-free box files that comply with these strict requirements has the box files tested by an appropriate research institute, which draws up a report. If this report shows that the production process meets all the requirements, the manufacturer receives a certificate. This process is repeated every two years. Our acid-free products go through this process every 2 years and are certified according to the requirements. Do you want to be sure you are using box files which comply with all the requirements? Ask your supplier for the certificate.

The Public Records Act mandates that public bodies store their files in a good, organised and accessible manner. To guarantee the quality of documents, archiving them in acid-free box files for medium to long-term storage is advisable, and even mandatory for permanent archiving. In addition, these products comply with the durability guidelines drawn up by the government for sustainable procurement. Since 1-1-2010, public bodies are required to comply with these guidelines.

For more information about acid-free archiving, contact one of our archive specialists.  


Product code: 4548

Binders Standard/100

Product code: 1222

Binders Long/100

Product code: 1224

Binders Standard/50

Product code: 1223

Binders Long/50

Product code: 1225

Binders Standard/10

Product code: 1226

City box 10+/50

Product code: 3008

City box 30+/50

Product code: 3009

Binders Long/10

Product code: 1228