Quick System

Quickboy and Quickbinders

The Quickboy and Quickbinders, in addition to our other well-known bundling system with screw binders, form part of our alternative bundling system to easily lift the contents from a document file. The Quick System is a clamping system. You only need to apply some pressure to connect the Quickboy and the Quickbinders. This clamping connection is quicker than the screw connection of the Liftboy and the Fastening Clips. However, a screw connection provides many users with the sense of increased security.

A promotional video can be found on the product detail pages. You can also download a written manual (pdf). 

Please Note: The Quickboy cannot be used in combination with the Fastening Clips (with screw cap)!

Filing labels Blue/100

Product code: 10715

Quickbinders Long/100

Product code: 1216

Filing labels Green/100

Product code: 10712

Reinforcement strips

Product code: 4545

Filing labels Red/100

Product code: 10713


Product code: 4547