Hulp nodig? FAQs

Why is this archive concept the perfect solution? 

Our file bundling systems enables you to easily empty a document folder with one single hand movement. The bundled contents can then be stored in one of our box files and placed in the archive container. Our archive containers are stackable and interlinkable, both horizontally, vertically and back-to-back. This method allows you to file 50% more documents in the same space. In short, a very accessible archive system that saves space, time and money. 

Can I make full use of the height of my archive space? 

The archive containers can - if you place them back-to-back - be stacked up to approx. 2.75-3.00 m in height. (If you are using the standard or Jumbo container: max. 10 containers). If placed against a wall, you can stack them up to a max. of 2 m. (If you are using the standard and Jumbo containers: max. 7 containers). However, you do need to take the health and safety requirements into account (ARBO), and, for instance, ensure that the correct ladders or steps are used.   


How long do I have to archive documents? 

You are legally obliged to keep all documents relating to your company for a period of 7 years. This period of seven years comes into effect after the end of the financial year, and therefore applies to all documents relating to that year. Documents you need to retain include financial records, annual reports, copies of invoices, purchase and sales documents, letters received and sent, faxes, e-mail messages, etc. There are a few exceptions, for example documents relating to real estate, which need to be kept for a period of 10 years. We refer you to the website of your Tax Administration for the latest legislation. Please note that the legal time limit for files to be used as evidence is 30 years. More information about retention periods can be found elsewhere on our website.

I scan my signed documents and then destroy the paper version. Is that allowedIk scan mijn getekende documenten en vernietig dan de papieren versie. Mag dat? 

When we ask customers: "How have you set up your archive?" we often get the reaction: "Archive? No, we store everything digitally. Once contracts are signed, we scan them and then destroy the paper documents." But only retaining scanned documents can cause legal problems; ask your lawyer for advice!  

How much can I store in the archive containersHoeveel kan ik in de archiefcontainers opbergen? 

This depends on the type of archive container you have selected. We recommend a maximum load per archive container of approx. 18 kg.  

Why should I empty my document files? I prefer placing them in our archive cabinet immediately.

You can, of course, as long as the extra space required and higher point load is no problem. But do remember that, because of their unbalanced load, document files can easily topple over. The contents can get dirty and greasy, because they just sit there on a shelf. Emptying your document files can save you up to 40% in space alone. If you do want to store filled document files in a dust-free and organised manner, you can use our Direct container.  

The box files I use now are cheaper.

Yes, your current archive boxes may be cheaper on purchase. However, our boxes are made from heavy-duty cardboard. The sides are glued, saving you time and money on folding and fastening the sides with clips. When full, our boxes will not start to bellow and won't tear or fall open. They are perfect to keep your archive organised.  


Are the Fastening Clips and Quickbinders environmentally-friendly and safe for my documents?

The Fastening Clips and Quickbinders do not contain PVC, acid and plasticisers, and will not affect the documents, however long you store them. The plastics clips are made from polypropylene and polyethylene (PP and PE). They are recyclable (separated waste collection) and if incinerated, no toxic substances are released. This applies to all our products made of plastic.

How environmentally-friendly the box files and archive containers?

Corrugated cardboard consists of organic substances and is biodegradable. The cardboard is 'chlorine-free'. All raw and ancillary materials used are of such a composition that the carton is suitable for durable storage. The boxes have a neutral pH value (6.7-7.5) and the ink and the paper used do not contain harmful substances. The glue used for the box files and archive containers also does not contain adhesives with harmful substances. All our box files, with the exception of the acid-free box files, are made from 100% recycled and recyclable FSC® certified cardboard. The containers are made from partly recycled and fully recyclable FSC® certified cardboard.

Are the archive boxes acid-free?

The acidity in cardboard is determined by the amount of (residual) lignin it contains. Lignin and cellulose form the main components of wood. In the manufacturing process of cellulose, the lignin and resin are removed. Usually, the cellulose still contains between 1 and 5% of the original lignin content. When bleaching the cellulose, the remainder of the lignin is removed, creating a stronger and whiter cellulose. Only cardboard consisting of 100% bleached cellulose is free of lignin. Normally, this type of cardboard is only used when it comes into direct contact with foodstuffs or because of aesthetic aspects. The lignin in the cardboard used for our box files will not affect the quality of the paper documents stored in them. In addition, removing the lignin is a very expensive and environmentally-unfriendly process.

All our box files are made from cardboard with a small amount of lignin and are pH-neutral. Our product range is supplemented with a number of fully acid-free box files that meet the current ICN standards 3 and 4, suitable for long-term and medium-term storage, respectively, as prescribed by the Dutch Archive Act, for use by municipalities. 

Do you have box files that can accommodate document files?

We often get the asked if we sell box files to store individual document files. However, none of our box files are suitable for single storage. We are curious about the rationale behind this question. If you want to store 4 full document files, you can use our Direct container, which has been specially developed for this purpose. You do not archive any air, but can profit from almost all the benefits of our archive concept.