Our filing concept makes it easier for you The beauty of cardboard

The foundation for many of our products, such as our file boxes and archive containers, is cardboard. Because you may doubt whether cardboard is strong enough to build up an archive system (without the use of racks or archive cabinets), we want to tell you and show you how strong cardboard is. You may be surprised at the strength and durability of cardboard. You have undoubtedly noticed it when you've moved house: a moving box can contain a lot more books than you can carry!

The power of cardboard is seen in our products. A Loeff's patent archive container can accommodate 4 to 6 thick box files. If you stack 7 full containers, the construction and cardboard quality ensure that this weight can easily be supported for the duration of the filing period! The cardboard gives our archive container strength and stability, and forms the basis for a solid and robust filing environment. 

Cardboard offers countless surprising possibilities. The unique characteristics of cardboard have inspired artists and architects to create furniture, lamps and even houses from this unique and environmentally-friendly material. In Brummen (a municipality in the Netherlands), the new Town Hall was opened in 2013. The reception desk is made from cardboard.  >Or what about the work by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban?  He has been designing buildings with recyclable cardboard since 1989. In 2014, he won the prestigious Pritzker Prize. His construction method is also applied in Rwanda and other regions for the building of temporary shelters for refugees, and in areas where emergency housing is needed after a natural disaster, such as a tsunami or earthquake.

Some years ago, the Dutch artist Filip Jonker successfully crossed the Channel from Enschede to London in his cardboard tugboat.