About us

Loeff’s patent: Your partner in sustainable filing systems

Loeff's patent develops, produces and sells archive and filing products. Products with an added value: ease of use is paramount for us. Saving space, time and money forms the foundation of our filing concept. Our motto: Searching becomes finding!

In 1959, the father of our current director started selling the forerunners of our Liftboy and Fastening Clips, an innovation in the field of the emptying document files. Until that time, people would simply use strings to tie together file contents for archiving. After a successful start with the Liftboy and Fastening Clips, a few years later a clamping system was introduced (Quickboy and Quickbinders). In addition to these two bundle systems, the current product range consists of a sophisticated combination of box files and archive containers. Loeff's patent has become a supplier of a total concept, suitable for all types of companies, organisations and institutions, where the physical company archive is considered to be an important part of the business process.

The promotion of our products was originally done by sales representatives, who would visit companies and demonstrate the products on location. As the demand for our products increased, we also started selling our filing products through resellers. Nowadays, the products of Loeff's patent can be found in web shops and bricks-’n-mortar office supplies stores. Not just in the Netherlands, but abroad as well! 

Loeff's patent has been part of Fellowes Brands since July 2018.