Our filing concept makes it easier for you CSR, environment and quality control

CSR, sustainability, cradle-to-cradle, people-planet-profit: these are concepts you cannot ignore any more. And for good reason! Social responsibility is more than a fashion trend for us. Since the family business was set up 60 years ago, the original values have been kept in high regard. And those values are still central to our current sustainability strategy: 


Our staff and our business relations: without people, a company cannot exist. For that reason, integrity towards our staff, suppliers and customers is an essential business value for our company. At Loeff's patent, we see our staff as family. We want to get the best out of our 'family members'. Because of our no-nonsense culture and opportunities for training and development, we have a dedicated workforce and a very low staff turnover. Since the company was founded, we have also employed people with disabilities, as they make a valuable contribution to our company. 


All our products are recyclable and a large number of products are made from recycled and FSC® certified materials. We do not use harmful substances. We only use paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests, enabling Loeff's patent and its suppliers to guarantee product quality with a CoC (Chain-of-Custody). What you see is what you get. A sign of our quality! This not only applies to our product range, but also to the office products we use ourselves. In addition, we endeavour to reduce and minimise all of our waste streams and our energy consumption. 


We have a good reason for providing you with all this information about sustainability. Useful and sustainable products made with attention to people and society. This way, we come full circle! 

In the end, being sustainable is actually being smart.