Quick box A4/50 *

Box file in A4 format, made of micro-corrugated cardboard. Easy to assemble with the 1-2-3-4 base closure system. These box files retain their shape throughout the retention period thanks to the glued sides. The micro-corrugated cardboard is made of 100% FSC® recycled material and, after the retention period, is once again 100% recyclable. None of the raw materials used contain any hazardous substances! Including OFFI Quick box A4Label, certificate number OL51125047. This box file fits in the Standard Container. Pack of 50 pieces.

An instructional video can be found below. Do you prefer a written manual? Then download these folding instructions..


Product code 3000
Brand Loeff´s patent
EAN 8712966030008
OEM Code 7770401
Dimensions 335 x 240 x 80 mm
Certificate FSC®
Suitable for Content of a document file
Pack of 50 pieces
Material Corrugated cardboard
Environment 100% recycled material
Spine width 80 mm

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