Loeff box Foolscap/50 *

Ready-to-use box file in A4 format of 600-gram solid cardboard (semi-automatic), for dust-free storage. Suitable for the contents of one document file. Fitted with additional base inlay, attached with perforation edge to the closure flap (note: this is therefore not an additional cover flap!). Pull the box into shape with the thumbs in the index. The cardboard is made of FSC® recycled material and, after the retention period, is once again 100% recyclable. None of the raw materials used contain any hazardous substances! Including OFFI Label, certificate number OL50825044. This box file fits in the Standard Container. Pack of: 50 pieces.

An instructional video can be found below. Do you prefer a written manual? Then download these folding instructions..


Product code 3030
Brand Loeff´s patent
EAN 8712966030305
OEM Code 7771401
Quality solid 850 gr. cardboard
Environment 100% recycled material
Color Brown
Dimensions 370 x 260 x 115 mm
Spine width 115 mm
Suitable for Foolscap-format suspension files.
Pack of 50 pieces
Certificate FSC®
Material Solid cardboard

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