Direct Container/15 *

You are not pressed for space? Then simply place the full document files in the Direct Container straight away! The Direct Container is suitable for filing 4 document files with back widths of 80 mm or 6 document files with a back width of 60 mm. The Direct Container is also suitable for storing 4 Filing Boxes Foolscap or 4 Quick Boxes A4. The container can also accommodate thick dossier folders. The containers are made of part FSC® recycled and fully recyclable corrugated cardboard. The ink and glue do not contain hazardous substances. Pack of 15, including connection supports.

An instructional video can be found below. Do you prefer a written manual? Then download these folding instructions..


Product code 4000
Brand Loeff´s patent
EAN 8712966040007
OEM Code 7772601
Color Brown
Dimensions 380 x 360 x 330 mm
Pack of 15 pieces
Certificate FSC®
Environment 40% recycled material
Material Corrugated cardboard

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