Archive stabilizer JumboPlus Container/2

In order to create a stable construction it is recommendable to join the containers back to back. If this kind of connection is impossible due to lack of space at the archive location and a single wall placement is the most obvious solution, we recommend the use of archive stabilizers (panels that are placed underneath). This type of construction allows the containers to be placed tightly against the wall. Since the polystyrene panels are slanted – the height at the front side is 4 cm/1.57 inch and at the back side 2 cm/ 0.79 inch they will prevent the containers on top from tilting forwards. Made of polystyrene. Dimensions: 2 containers wide and 1 container deep. Pack of: 2 pieces.
€12.40 / Unit


Product code 4115
Brand Loeff´s patent
EAN 8712966041158
OEM Code 4115
Color White

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