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Document files that keep toppling over? A recognisable problem?  

Do your document files keep falling over in your cabinet or rack? We have developed the stackable Ordner Cube. The Ordner Cube ensures that all your document files are stored snugly in their own space. Of course, the cube is also suitable for books, file folders and catalogues. A good solution to keep your workspace organised. If you need more storage space, you only need to buy an extra Ordner Cube. Your cabinet simply expands with your filing needs. The Ordner Cube or Ordner Shelf also fits in regular archive cabinets.

Are you looking for a document file that can store more than separate documents? Have your dossiers become so big with time that they no longer fit in regular document files? Our range of storage solutions also comprises file folders that can hold dossiers up to 6 cm thick. 

Ordner Shelve/1

Product code: 7020