Loeff´s patent Mailing boxes

Small or big archive? We have a solution that suits your needs!

With Loeff's patent efficient storage solutions you can quickly and easily organise your workspace and your archive. Our solution is unique in that all the products fit together seamlessly. Our modular system enables you to expand your archive in step with your needs. With the exception of a number of products, our range consists of products that are made from FSC® certified recycled material.

If you are interested in the FSC® certified products, contact us. For more information about Loeff's patent unique filing concept, we refer you to the page Benefits of our filing concept.  

Ordnerpac Brown/25

Product code: 15.08.007

Ordnerpac White/25

Product code: 15.08.001

Mailbox S / 20

Product code: 3955

Mailbox M / 20

Product code: 3960

Mailbox XS / 20

Product code: 3950

Mailbox L / 20

Product code: 3965

Mailbox XL / 20

Product code: 3970