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Do you want to make a good start with your document management, or simply try out our products? Order a Loeff's patent starter kit or starter set and quickly and easily set up a filing system that will expand with your needs! You will have all the elements you need to set up a small archive that can be modularly expanded when your company grows. An archive that saves you a lot of space, time and money.


Product code: 4522

Universal box/8 *

Product code: 3020KV

Quick box A4/8 *

Product code: 3000KV

Filing box Foolscap/8 *

Product code: 3003KV

Jumbo box/8 *

Product code: 3007KV

Space box A4/8 *

Product code: 4550KV

Loeff box Foolscap/8 *

Product code: 3030KV

Data box A3/8 *

Product code: 3004KV