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Government agency!

"The safe where we store the semi-static part of the municipal archives had become too small to store all our dossiers. Durgin a game of street football, one of our employees heard about a different storage system, which could double up the number of meters of archive while reducing the space used!  This sounded great, and he decided to invite his neighbour to the office, to find out more about this filing system over a cup of coffee. The Loeff's patent product brochure made him very curious. After this meeting, he asked Loeff's patent to come and look at their filing system, and come up with a way to make it more efficient. A brochure is nice, but we wanted to find out what it would look like in real life. An archive specialist of Loeff's patent took a number of samples to demonstrate the system at the town hall.  

Unfortunately, our municipality box files did not fit in the so-called Jumbo Containers. They were just a little bit too small. The Loeff's patent representative indicated that he wanted to see if he could com up with a suitable solution for us. It took a bit of time and effort, but eventually they cam with new boxes that fitted our files. Loeff's offered to make the Jumbo Containers to fit our files - at no extra cost. And that is what happend. A few months later, the old semi-static municipal archive was re-organised. And then we came across another problem... Initially, the GAR had stated that the files could not be stored in these containers, as they were made from cardboard an not fire-resistant. However, it turned out that although fire-resistance is a legal requirement, this only applied to the archive space (walls, ceilings, floors, doors etc.) itself. That was the requirement we had to comply with, and it was sorted out with a few simple measures.The end result looks great and very organised. And indeed, we can fit a lot more in that space than we ever did before. All in all, the municipality is ver satisfied with the system."

Leon Hakkenbroek, DIV employee.