Nieuws Fellowes Brands has acquired Loeff's patent b.v..

Dear visitor,

We are very pleased to inform you that today, Fellowes Brands has acquired Loeff's patent b.v.. Loeff's has been an independent, family owned company for almost 60 years and for the past 30 years has been led by Rita de Reuver. Loeff's product portfolio includes unique archive systems & concepts, archive clips and storage boxes.  

Rita commented: I'm very pleased that I can hand over our company to Fellowes, a 100 year old family company also with roots in archiving solutions. We are convinced that Fellowes will be successful in expanding the Loeff's brand as part of Fellowes brands, both in the Benelux as well as in Europe. I want to thank you, also on behalf of my husband Paul, for the pleasant partnership we have enjoyed over so many years and I'm confident that Fellowes will bring you additional growth opportunities. 

Fellowes' Guido Venverloo: we are very pleased that two family owned companies have found each other. This acquisition demonstrates Fellowes' strategic an ongoing commitment to the development of its Storage an Organization category and provides you with the opportunity to bring additional products to market. 

Practical Information: as of now, you can place Loeff's orders at All orders originally placed with Loeffs will be fulflled by Fellowes. We are also pleased to inform that as of Monday July 9th Jolanda van de Zilver will join Fellowes customer service team. Jolanda can be contacted at +31 (0)13 4580 580. Both Rita and Paul will be working with Fellowes for a smooth transition. 

If you have any comments and or questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

We are looking foorward to continuing our partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Rita de Reuver                                                                                                                  Guido Venverloo

Director                                                                                                                             Sales Manager

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