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This testimonial describes the choices made by an international engineering consultancy.

Ems: “I visited a trade show in 2003. Immediately, the Loeff’s patent stand stood out. Their entire stand, including the desk, was made from their own filing solutions. I was looking for a good solution for our organisation's static archive. The stand immediately showed me how the Loeff's patent filing concept could be of help to us. We requested a number of samples at the trade show to show to our colleagues.” Dick: “I was immediately excited when I saw the samples. They looked easy to use and very organised.” Ems: “We were about to move our central archive, and were looking for a good filing system, which would make optimum use of the available height. Our question to Loeff's patent was whether they could guarantee the durability of the system with stacks of to 10 containers. They worked on the system for a few months, and then the Jumbo Container was born. After testing, the Jumbo Container was taken into production. The system was delivered as agreed and on time for the move. We started filling more than 60m of floor space with rows of Jumbo Containers. In the years that followed, we have added quite a number of m2.”

Dick: “In the past, we would store our document files on racks. Boxes would be shifted about, and it did not really look very organised. We could also not use the height available. The Jumbo Containers look sleek and very uncluttered. Each container can fit 3 box files – which cannot move about or topple over. If we need dossiers from the archive, they are easy to retrieve. We even got a number of new assignments because we now have a complete and organised archive!”