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Agriculture and horticulture

"We were made aware of Loeff's patent filing system by one of our regular suppliers of office products in Maastricht. We had never heard of this system an kept all our document in document files. As we were palling to relocate to a new building, this was the perfect time to have a good look at our archive sytem. We ineited our supplier and the Loeff's patent archive specialist to come round and discuss the possibilities. Our supplier had already told us about the option to empty docuemnt files, but pointed out that Loeff's had al lot more products that might be useful for us.  After talking to the Loeff's patent archive specialist, we knew what to expect an what everything was going to look like. We never really considered any other options as it was perfect for us. For us, it was also very important to have a clean and organised archive room, because it is visible form the corridor. We decided on this filing concept because it is easy to use and Loeff;s could take the entire project out of our hands. We are very happy about the end result an were very satisfied about the whole information phase and houw the project was handled. The after-sales process was also handled very correctly. Whatever question we had - also after delivery and installation - one simple phone call sufficed.

Mr. Ronden: "Important arguments we considered when deciding  to go for the Loeff's patent filing concept for our organisation were:

* Despite strict rules, traditional archive racks often become messy: a crate here, a box there etc. . 

* When documents are archived in a file, at the end of the retention period, the file and paper have to be destroyed separately. Emptying a box is a lot faster. 

* The costs of the Loeff's patent filing concept were very reasonable.

* I feel the Loeff's filing system makes more efficient use of the available space."