Archive boxes

Box files

You want to archive your documents in a dust-free and safe box file, with the intention that the documents remain undamaged, accessible and in place during the filing period. Loeff's patent provides various solutions. Are you using document files, suspension files or other filing methods? We have the appropriate box files for all you filing needs, tailored to your personal situation. Select Loeff's patent high-quality box files, which are both user-friendly and environmentally-friendly. 

Loeff's patent box files are ready to use in no time. After all, you have better things to do with your time. This puts the fun back into filing. All our box files are made from FSC® certified recycled material. With a box file from our range you choose a product manufactured from biobased materials. A promotional video and written manual (downloadable as a pdf) can be found on the product detail pages. 

Jumbo box/25 *

Product code: 3007

Universal box/8 *

Product code: 3020KV

Classic box/50 *

Product code: 3040

Quick box A4/8 *

Product code: 3000KV

Universal box A4/25 *

Product code: 3020

Filing box Foolscap/8 *

Product code: 3003KV

City box 10+/50

Product code: 3008

City box 30+/50

Product code: 3009

Jumbo box/8 *

Product code: 3007KV

Space box A4/8 *

Product code: 4550KV

Space box A4/50 *

Product code: 4550

Loeff box Foolscap/8 *

Product code: 3030KV

Data box A3/50 *

Product code: 3004

Data box A3/8 *

Product code: 3004KV

Quick box A4/50 *

Product code: 3000