Archive container

Archive containers

If you use our archive containers, toppled-over and dusty box files are a thing of the past. The archive containers have a front opening, which means the contents are accessible at all times. You don't need to buy filing cabinets or archive shelving: we offer you a functional, accessible and affordable alternative. With the Loeff's patent archive containers, you:

  • Save space: your precious space is used in an optimal way. You no longer file air and can save up to 50% space with this system.
  • Save money: You don’t need to buy expensive cabinets or racks. 
  • Save time: You no longer have to spend a lot of time looking for documents, as your filing space is properly structured and organised.

You can build a strong and durable archive with Loeff's patent archive containers. We recommend a maximum stacking height of 1.90 meters (approx. 7 containers) when placed against the wall. If space allows, you can stack up to 2.80 meters (approx. 10 containers) when linked up back-to-back. Please observe the applicable health and safety guidelines (ARBO).   

With an archive container from our range you choose a product manufactured from biobased materials. These containers are also made of FSC ® certified cardboard.

Direct Container/15 *

Product code: 4000

Jumbo Container/15*

Product code: 4004

Data Container/10 *

Product code: 4002